Repair & Restoration

Granite has wonderful qualities but nothing is completely maintenance free. Whether you choose granite, marble, quartz or one of the man-made products such as Caesar stone, your worktop will need periodic maintenance.

One of the biggest factors affecting maintence is the heat from pots and pans. If you are careful to always use insulation between your countertop and hot pans, the sealant should last for many years. If you use your worktops a bit more robustly, you may want to seal them as often as every 6-months.

Each type of granite is unique with some being more pourous than others. There are also significant differences in hardness and pourosity between granite, marble quarts and the spectrum of man-made products.

Perhaps the easiest test is to place a very damp, folded towel on an area where you frequently place hot pots or pans. If you move the towel after 15-minutes and the surface is dark, the water has penetrated and it is time to reseal the surface.

This is something you can typically accomplish on your own or Granite Building Contractors would be happy to reseal your countertops for you. Just contact us.

granite countertop being repaired by buffing

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