AllĀ  of our countertops are custom fabricated for a perfect fit and pattern match. Granite, marble, quartz and other natural materials have a natural beauty and the ability to bring a special ambiance to your home. But to enjoy these qualities, a slab of the correct size must be used so the patterns can be matched.

The larger and more distinct the pattern, the larger of slab you may need. This is because it is hard to match a large, swirling strata. The only solution that you will be proud of for years to come is to use the proper size slab. This will allow enough material to eliminate seams entirely or to allow enough material to match properly.

It is because of these difficulties that may customers opt for synthetic products like Caesar stone, Silastone or Vetrazzo. We also sell, fabricate and install these materials. Our goal is to create the perfect kitchen with a countertop you will love. We like all of these and will be happy to discuss the advantages of each material.

At Granite Building Contractors we work to provide value but won’t cut corners on fabrication. You might find a cheaper price but every time you notice the patterns don’t match, you will feel the disappointment of a poor job rather than the joy of saving a couple hundred dollars.

wetsaw for cutting granite slabs

Wet saw for cutting granite slabs

Cutting edge profiles on a granite countertop

Cuttine Edge Profiles

Moving Granite Slabs in Storeage Yard

Granite Storage Yard

Cutting Profiles on Granite

Cutting Profiles on Granite

Wet Saw for Granite, Quartz and Marble

Wet Saw for Granite, Quartz and Marble