Aquatic Hues

“This is a beach house, so we were looking for something with a lighter, more whimsical feeling. We settled on an aquatic look, with a hand painted ocean mural that has an aquatic, blue-green background. There are starfish and shells, and the hardware on the base cabinets is fishes. The window that’s just to the left of the backsplash gives a clear view of the ocean, which enhances the color theme. The theme also fits the client’s personality, in that she’s a little bit whimsical; her desire was to do something different.

“The whole color scheme of the house is white, which partially contributed to choosing white cabinets, but we also didn’t want the cabinets to make such a strong statement. By using white, the backsplash and hood become the focal point. Sometimes the cabinets are the trademark, sometimes the countertops or backsplash or appliances—it’s different in every kitchen. It’s just important to emphasize one.”

Designer: Max Isley, CMKBD
Hampton Kitchens

Wake Forest, North Carolina