Iridescent Finishes

“This kitchen is contemporary, but it’s not a slick modern style. It can go with antiques or contemporary pieces, in bungalows and traditional homes. We wanted the cooking area to have a strong stainless steel feel. The backsplash above the range is a sheet of stainless steel ground into a swirl pattern.

“The juperano granite slabs on the backsplash above the countertops were selected specifically for their particular veining. We wanted the backsplash to look like a mountain landscape. The quartz particles in the granite have an iridescence that picks up the stainless steel.

“The natural cherry cabinets and the original hard rock maple floor help make a dramatic statement in a small space.”

Designer: Cheryl Daugvila
Cheryl D. & Company

La Grange, Illinois

Photo: Cheryl Daugvila