Light and Dark Neutrals

“The focal point of this space is the architectural vault. We didn’t want your focus to go to it and die there—we wanted to pull the eye to other things. We used color in burgundy stained cherry wood, stainless, granite and glass over Formica to cause your eye to continually travel throughout the space. The only sections that were entirely dark wood were the bar, because we wanted that to be elegant, and the refrigerator and pantry area, so that it would read as a volume.

“The Formica that’s behind the glass is a gray that we chose to make it the same tonality as the stainless steel. The rear of the open cabinet is the same dark burgundy as the rest of the cabinetry. It brings balance to the space, taking the dark volume on the left and bringing it back in again on the right. I wanted the backsplash to be a non-element in the kitchen, so we chose a quiet, indestructible matte porcelain and matched a paint color to flow into it. The result is a casual yet elegant space with lots of movement.”

Designer: Melissa Seibold
Canterbury Design

Flemington, New Jersey

Photo: Steven Tex