Bonita Springs Island Kitchen

This kitchen features an island with a raised breakfast bar. This is different from the breakfast bar in the Lehigh Acres Kitchen. In this kitchen the eating area is raised but in the Lehigh Acres, the countertop is the same height. The difference is a matter of customer preference. Remember, higher eating surfaces require taller chairs.

Color: Uba Tuba granite from Brazil.

Edge: 3/4-inch radius with rounded corners

The raised eating surface provides more separation between the kitchen and the adjoining room. The choice of Uba Tuba brings affordability, durablity and ease of maintenance.

There is no upcharge for any of the Uba Tuba varities we offer. The double radius edge profile is also a standard treatment. Therefore, this beautiful green granite kitchen has a standard type of granite with a standard edge treatment. This is an good example of how we strive to make buying a new granite countertop simple and straightforward.


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