Cool Stainless Steel

“Stainless steel is almost a neutral, in that it’s more in the silver/gray family, but because of its reflective properties it absorbs light and color from the rest of the room. The beautiful blue bahia countertops (which run five to six times the price of granite or marble) meet with blue accents; the soffit over the window has a blue lacquered finish, as does the interior of the glass door cabinets.

“Stainless is a perfect combination of the cools and works in conjunction with the stainless steel sink, cooktop and dishwasher. The Brazilian cherry floor was carried throughout the intertwining rooms. Its warmth takes away some of that very austere edge that stainless can give, particularly when you use so much of it.”

Designer: Bob Schwartz
St. Charles of New York

New York City, New York