Cream-Colored Kitchen

“Our goal was to achieve the structural beauty found in the classical period of Greece in the interior of the home. Incorporated in the design are columns with tiered capitals and bases that represent one of the greatest structures in Greek history: the Acropolis. The use of color in this kitchen suggests the primary building material used in the earliest days of Greece—raw marble.

“This was accomplished using a monochromatic color scheme of earth tones with a splash of deep brown for impact. The cabinetry was paint glazed to reach a natural stone hue, while the hood’s aged bronze faux finish resembles monumental bronze statues of early Greece. Incorporating both the natural stone and aged bronze are the expansive granite tops in a highly polished finish that offers another element of natural appeal. Finally, the client displayed their final touches of color with carved marble motifs throughout the kitchen.”

Designer: Jerry Hoffsmith
Colonial Craft Kitchens, Inc.
Annville, Pennsylvania

Photo: Bryson Leidich Photography