French Country Colors

“This new construction, a marvelous French County home design, has a striking butter-yellow stucco exterior with burnished copper accents. It was pre-ordained that the kitchen cabinetry would reflect the exterior color. The creamy yellow cabinetry enlarges the interior space while recreating a sense of the Old World’s sunny countryside atmosphere. The color is very muted, a warm umber glaze softens the yellow, and a gray residue in crevices leaves the appearance of ancient dust. Worn edges and worm holes add depth and character.

“The countertop color is uba tuba, whose deep bottle green color is a beautiful contrast to the butter cream of the cabinetry. The shade “pops” the various elements, rather than competes with them. The granite countertop has a reflective quality, so that while it appears dark, it reflects the area around it, which is light. The counter surface actually highlights the cabinets, causing them to become the focal point of light in the room. The primary importance of the color is that it repeats the exterior color palette, a decision made in tandem with the client, architect Jack Arnold and interior designer Charles Fudree.”

Designer: Sally Ann Sullivan, CKD
Showcase Kitchens and Baths, Inc.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Photo: Gene Johnson of Hawks Photography