Light Contemporary Colors

“This kitchen was a remodeled using the existing footprint. The space was very tight and dark, and the client wanted a lighter, more contemporary feel. By using white and natural maple cabinets and wood floors, we were able to create a warm and open kitchen environment. Mixing countertop elements by combining maple, glass and black granite also opened up that end of the room, as did isolating the hood to make the space appear more expansive and generous.

“Both the client and I felt that slate would be appropriate for a backsplash to create additional texture. We pulled the kitchen’s colors from the slate, drawing from the regional palette; earth tones are very complementary to the exterior environment. Using organic materials like the slate calls for an earthier, more muted palette, as the colors are not as clean or clear. Still, the use of varied earth colors in the backsplash contributed to the warm, open feel.”

Designer: Marvin Lee
Kitchen/Interior Showcase
Spokane, Washington

Photo: Alan Bisson