Sanibel Silastone Kitchen Countertops

This kitchen features Silastone, a man-made solid surface material similar to Pompei Quartz. Both are combinations of natural quartz bound together into monolithic slabs. Because of the manufacturing process, Silestone is non-porous and does not need to be sealed as natural grainte does.

Also since it is a manufactured material, the colors and patterns are much more uniform and consistent. Silestone offers more than 65 unique colors, so no matter what your tastes, they will have something to fit.

When comparing Silestone to granite and corian, you will learn Silastone has the color consistency of Corian but the hardness and durability of granite. It really is the best of both worlds. One of the few reasons to choose granite over Silestone are the bold, natural patterns in grante that cannot be duplicated in a man made material. Another interesting benefit are the accessory items. It is possible to get knobs, switch plates and handles to match your countertops!

  • Color: Silver Nube Silastone.
  • Full height backspashes
  • Silestone endcap on the island for a unique look.

Silestone was chosen for its consistency, durability, radon-free and biostatic protection. Silestone also provides a 15-year warranty on structural manufacturing defects. This is from a company with over 70-years experience in the natural stone industry.

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