Soothing, Warm Shades

“In this kitchen with the similarly toned elements—the maple cabinetry and antique French terra cotta floors—definition comes from the walls. The soothing white counters are made of Eurostone, which has embedded seashells in it; the gold nuggets coordinate with the cabinets, emphasizing warmth. Green gives the kitchen punch. Though it was built monochromatically, the backsplash is composed of recycled iridescent glass tile that has some green tonalities. We actually tried another color, more of a sage, on the walls first, and it just didn’t do it—it looked too wimpy. Color is very particular; changing it just a shade totally changes the look.”

“The selection of an olive green wall with the red and green touches in the 1920s poster offers the desired contrast. The inspiration came from a Cole Haan shoebox; we were taken by surprise at the stunning combination of that particular green and red, and how they worked harmoniously with the rest of our elements. The desired effect: A dynamic, refreshing small space.”

Designer: DeWitt Beall
DeWitt Designer Kitchens
Studio City, California

Photo: Christopher Covey